Preparing for the unexpected

It’s good to prepare in advance. So here’s some quick tips provided by the Humberside Emergency Planning “Let’s Get Ready” service.

Insurance advice

Being insured is critical in almost all emergencies. Check your home and contents are adequately insured for emergencies like flooding. Make sure you know how to contact your insurers in emergencies.

Think about fire safety

You are twice as likely to die in a fire if you don’ have a smoke alarm that works. Think about fire safety in your home. Fit smoke alarms. Look at your fire risks. Prepare an evacuation plan.

Sign up to vulnerable customer schemes

Water, electric and gas are essential services. Check if you or a member of your family is eligible for special care during an interruption.

Make a Grab Bag or Checklist

You can keep a Grab Bag or some essential items in case you need to leave your home in an emergency.

Write a short Household Emergency Plan

What type of information might you need to hand in an emergency? What are the things you need to agree in advance with your family and friends?

Go in, stay in and tune in

In an emergency, unless directed otherwise, your initial response should be to go inside, stay in and tune in to your local radio station and listen for further instructions and updates.

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