Emergency SMS Service

Advice taken from Stay Safe guide June 2023.

Emergency SMS service for the deaf or speech-impaired

Emergency SMS (eSMS) has been available in the UK since 2009. To use the service, the deaf or speech-impaired person sends one or more text messages to 999 (or 112). Messages are routed through the Text Relay call centre and presented to the Emergency Services in the same way as 999/112 calls from textphones.

Full information can be found at www.emergencysms.co.uk

To register for the service:

1. Register your mobile
Text the word ‘register’ to 999.
2. Read the message
You’ll get an automatic text reply. Please read it all.
3. Reply to the message
Read the message and then reply by texting ‘yes’.
4. Get a ‘success’ text
You’ll then get a text telling you that your mobile is now registered – or if there’s been a problem.
5. Check it
Text ‘register’ to 999 and you’ll get a message telling you if it’s registered or not. Don’t text anything else – there’s no need to make a test call. You’re all set.

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