About Stay Safe

Christmas 2020 was not normal. Covid-19 had forced lockdowns and as Winter approached, the first vaccines were being introduced.

Working with local partners including the local Policing teams, we looked at what important messages could be shared with the public and how this could happen. The result was a small print run of the original Stay Safe booklet which the Police then helped to hand out to older people as they queued for their first jabs.

First funding came via the North East Lincolnshire Community Safety Partnership (CSP) and VANEL and Capacity Buildings Ltd worked together to find more bits of funding to get a reprint done.

After that, we prepared a number of editions in different areas funded from various partners. East Marsh Involve funded an edition for East Marsh. Safer Streets West Marsh helped fund a West Marsh edition and Big Local North Cleethorpes supported Cleethorpes versions. All of these can be found on our downloads page.

In 2022, Safer Streets East Marsh started up and this has helped fund the latest edition in mid 2023 which is more generic and covers issues relevant to the whole of North East Lincolnshire. This website is also new for 2023 and was also funded via Safer Streets East Marsh.

We’re grateful to everyone who helped with content for the guides; helped fund them; helped distribute them or otherwise supported this initiative.

Karl Elliott from VANEL wrote and designed all the guides and has been leading the programme (including KOPS – Keeping Older People Safe) to get this information out to local older people