Dolphin Gardens

Dolphin Gardens is named after the nearby Dolphin Hotel and Dolphin Street and as development happened all around, a space remained which became the gardens just across the road from the more famous Pier Gardens.

The current parks is only half the size it used to be and has trees, flower beds and shrubs. It is dominated by a central piece of art work of an anchor with dolphins.

Just after the war the gardens were developed from a piece of spare ground and in their heyday included a bandstand and was the site of numerous local events.

Apparently in the 1990s there was a bid to turn the space into carparking for 45 cars, but luckily after public protests this plan was abandoned and the gardens remain gardens to this day.

Dolphin Gardens in the 1950s
Dolphin Gardens around 1945 before work commenced
Dolphin Gradens in around 1948 – well underway
Postcard of bandstand in Dolphin Gardens
Dolphin Gardens these days
Dolphin Gardens in 1978