Karl Elliott

Deciding who sees what

If you have users who log into your website, then occasionally you need to show them some different content to what non-members (guests) can see. Clearly WordPress allows for private posts and there are plugins to restrict the entire website to logged in users (VANEL uses this for our private internal staff website). But sometimes you just need to show different words to different people.

The concept being:
If you’re a guest YOU SEE THIS, or if you are logged in YOU SEE THIS INSTEAD.

I’ve just sorted this out on our VANEL Digital website. The website is mostly a blog, and WebClub or IT Network members have a login to the site so that they can participate, write content or add posts.

So on the front page I wanted to show some ‘promotional’ wording, buttons and boxes to visitors (guests), but to leave all that out for our members and just give a quick ‘latest news’ sort of update to them. After all, if they’re already members they hardly want the marketing words in their face each time they visit the site.

The plugin I used in this case was a Shortcode free plugin from Themify. This not only allowed me to add in some columns, pretty boxes and effective buttons for the promotional bit, but it allows and shortcodes. Meaning that by enclosing whole parts of the content of a post within the correct tag I can instantly decide who sees what.

So that’s a very recommended plugin available from Themify here. I’ve also been experimenting with Restrict Content plugin from here. Seems even more powerful but extremely useful too.

Finally, I used the simple but effective login-logout plugin to make a clear widget in the sidebar guide visitors and members alike to know how to login or out.

Simple techniques but useful if you’re choosing what content to show you visitors.

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