Karl Elliott

Anyone using the Raspberry Pi yet?

The Raspberry Pi is now four years old – and they’ve just released a new version (the Pi 3). (See here for a story)

I’m really interested to know is any non-profits are using the Pi as a dirt cheap, single use computer. The cost is so low that a Pi could be dedicated to a specific task (running a rolling presentation to a screen in your reception area springs to mind). So is anyone doing this? I’d really like to experiment with this, but I think although the cost is low, the entry point for technical skills is pretty high.

But in a world where the cost of computing is dropping drastically and quickly how easy is it actually to get a useful task to be completed with these new tools? I’m keen to explore the concept.

If you’re experimenting with the Pi, then let me know – I’d be really interested.

#rpi #experiment #hardware