Karl Elliott

Google AMP for faster mobile websites

Accessing websites on mobile devices can be less than speedy at times. And when you build your own website it’s always important to make sure it works and is accessible via mobile, but speed can sometimes be a problem.

Google have just released the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Project, and I’m having an experiment with it.

AMP is a technology that automatically creates very fast versions of your website posts so that suitable apps or Google searches will return the AMP speeded up pages. So theoretically your site visitors on mobile will get a much faster version of your web page story delivered to them. No effort on your part, but a happier visitor?

Google AMP is here. And you can read the story and theory behind it here.

The excellent thing here is that WordPress has already taken AMP on board (article here) and released a plugin for WordPress.

Couldn’t be simpler. Add it to your site and watch the speed increase…

So I’m trying it. I’ve just added the AMP plugin to a client website and to the main VANEL news website (as well as this site – VANEL Digital). On all of them it looks like it works simply enough. You can see the AMP alternative version of your article by popping /amp onto the end of the post URL (it doesn’t work with Pages at the moment – just Posts). The AMP version is clean and simple text for quick loading.

So bear in mind that highly designed and structured posts are going to lose all that and strip back to the bare bones text. But that generally is a good thing anyway.

Have a think about this for your website. After all, these days more of your visitors are coming from mobile devices than from PC’s. Google is helping us out here.

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