The Digital Revolution has already happened, but I have a sense that many smaller charities, social enterprises and voluntary or community groups have not progressed with technology as much as they could, in order for it to benefit their organisations, beneficiaries or causes. Hence VANELdigital to help a little.

Technology is a huge and wide ranging field. Some topics or issues can be small and simple, others extremely complex and wide ranging. A technological solution or tool that fits one organisation may not work for another.

So there’s no way that this VANELdigital blog can tackle every single topic and theme. Indeed there’s already enough information ‘out there’ on pretty much everything, so I’m not going to attempt to blog about anything and everything here.

So I’m aiming to just write a key article or two about specific subjects each week. And if those subjects are relevant to you and your organisation then I hope you’ll join in the discussion. But if you do want to discuss something here just suggest a topic below (or if you’re a WebClub member then you’ll be able to start the discussion off yourself).

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