An introduction to WordPress for those unfamiliar or unpracticed with the tool.

WordPress can be used essentially for free for anyone to build a website.  It is quick to use, easy to learn and highly expandable.

This is a complete introduction to WordPress. You’ll be at least familiar with computers and how websites look and operate, but we’ll assume you don’t know how to build a website or if aware of websites generally that you don’t know how to use WordPress. We’ll explore what WordPress is (and the alternatives), what it does and how you would use it to build a website. We’ll look through all the components of WordPress (news posts, pages, media, plugins and more) so you become familiar with all the parts of the tool. Building a website in WordPress means both creating content (your articles, words and images) but also managing the graphic design of the site, its layout and the navigation around the site for visitors. By the end of the session you’ll be comfortable with WordPress as a tool and ready to start ‘playing’ with your own websites (we’ll loan you a test site to keep playing with after the session). This might be enough of a ‘taster’ for you to decide whether WordPress is the tool you should be using and will either help you to get started on your own or let you decide on additional training.


This is a 3 hour training workshop involving demonstrations and discussions.
Places are strictly limited to ensure everyone understands the concepts covered.
No previous experience of WordPress is required, but some understanding of how websites work would be useful (our “Cooking up a website” introductory course could be useful).
If you have a practical application in mind then this would help during the workshop. (for example if you need to build a personal site or a site for your charity).

Dates, venues and prices for the course can vary – see below or contact us for details.

No specific resources are provided for this course other than a list of useful reference websites.  There are a huge number of WordPress related websites, videos, books etc already available for those learning the tool, so we will refer you to some of the most useful ones.

Upcoming sessions

23 March 2016, pm – a session will take place in Scunthorpe delivered by VANEL and hosted by VANL as part of their training programme. 

Contact Karl at VANEL to discuss or to book on.

Next steps

Following on from “WordPress for Beginners” is “Working with WordPress” which takes the concepts further in a practical way.

Read a bit more about our WordPress training courses here.