“Cooking up a website” is a two hour briefing/training session/workshop designed to introduce you to the concepts behind websites and building websites.

If you’ve already built a website yourself then you won’t need to come to this one.  If you’re already in WebClub then you’ll probably know everything we cover too.

But if you’re looking to build a site, rebuild a site, or get your organisation online in some fashion then this introductory session will cover a lot of ground for you very quickly with (hopefully) a lot of answers to your questions.

I won’t build you a website or teach you very technical detail.  But you will understand all the terminology around websites and all the building blocks for any website project you need to tackle.

What will be covered?

I treat this session like a cookery course – looking at the various ingredients, recipes and rules that make websites – by answering a range of questions:

Q: What actually is a website?  What are the ingredients?  How are they combined to make the various websites we see around us?
Q: What makes websites similar or different?  How much does a website actually cost to make?
Q: How are websites built?  What tools are used?  What are the different ways a site can be created?
Q: Should you have a website or another type of online presence?  Why should it matter?  What approach should you take?
Q: How to get a website built?  Should you do it yourself?  Get help from a volunteer?  Get professionals involved?
Q: What are the issues for you, your organisation, your committee/management in building or maintain a website?
Q: What key things should every website consider?
Q: What does ‘being online’ mean these days now that everyone is using social media, phones and tablets?
Q: Good and bad – some example recipes for websites for VolCom organisations that work well or not
Q: What are your next steps?  How can VANEL (or others) help you?

Our Menu…

1. Preparing the kitchen
why are we building a website at all?

2. Your Ingredients
what are the building blocks that make up a website?

3. Some recipes
how can you combine things in different ways to make a website

4. Who’s doing the cooking?
people & stakeholders matter a lot when it comes to web development

5. How are your skills?
who has the skills to do this and how can they be developed?

6. Your workspace
how are you prepared for doing the web development?

7. Some utensils you need
a set of tools to get you started in building and supporting websites

8. Learning from the professionals
taking a look at the ways professionals build sites so that we can pick and mix what works

9. It’s all in the technique
some 50 things you need to be thinking about when it comes to web development

10. Let’s get inspired
learning from good (and bad) websites

11. Your apprenticeship
how can you be supported during your web development?

12. Practice makes perfect
how to test, practice, learn, progress…

Don’t expect to walk away from the two hour session with a website. That’s not the purpose. The purpose is to help you make sense of the variety of options that are available to you when building a site. This is just your very first step in making sense of what is on offer. After that you’ll be more informed as to your next steps to get building.

When and Where?

“Cooking up a website” is scheduled every couple of months and normally costs £10 per attendee.

Further details about where and when soon.

If you would like to arrange a session for your own organisation or trustees/committee then we can schedule “Cooking up your website” at a time and location convenient for yourselves.  There is a cost to these sessions which can be negotiated.  More details here.