If you’re interested in technology in its various forms and how to use it effectively within the voluntary and community sector, then we can add you as a member of our “IT Network”.

The news, information and articles on our VANELdigital website are all available for anyone to view and read, but as an IT Network member you’ll also be able to join in the discussions around any topic by adding your own comments. Have your say, add your own thoughts, share your own experiences.

We’ll also be sending out occasional e-bulletins from the VANELdigital website which you’ll receive to keep up to date with what VANEL is offering around technology support. Be the first to know how we can help you without visiting the site.

The IT Network is a simple way for you to let us know that you’re interested in finding out more about technology and for us to keep you informed.

It’s free to join, but you’ll need to be a staff member or volunteer of a VANEL Member or Friend organisation.

(If your organisation is not a member then why not talk to them about joining VANEL – it’s only £25 per year for a variety of benefits (find out more here).)

If you want to join up as an IT Network member, email me via karl@vanel.org.uk


As a member of the free IT Network you can add your comments to join in discussions on VANELdigital, but you can’t start those conversations off. On one of our paid options (such as WebClub) you’ll have enhanced membership of the website and will be able to post your own technical questions, issues and observations, start off new topics and discussions, be a full part of the online conversation and ask for and receive support, inspiration and encouragement online.

So if you think you’d like more support from us then take a look at some of our other support options such as WebClub.


If you’ve got any questions about the “IT Network” membership or anything else technological, then please contact me – Karl Elliott – to discuss (karl@vanel.org.uk, 01472 361043 or @vaneldigital on Twitter).

Look for news on this website about the IT Network via #itnetwork