VANEL has a range of “offers” for local non-profit organisations to support you with your IT and technology related needs.

Our “IT Network” – keeping you informed

Support with websites…

“WebClub” – for those needing support and encouragement with their website work
“WebClub Together”– quarterly meetings for WebClub members
“WebClub Gold” – an annual fee to support, maintain and keep your website up to date and safe
“WebClub:engineered” – bespoke website development services to help with design or development of your website

Workshops and Training courses…

“Tech Tuesdays” – regular short briefings on technology topics

website specific courses…
“Cooking up a website” – our training workshops for website beginners
“Cooking up your website” – a private version of our training for you and your staff
“Running a website”
we deliver a number of WordPress related training sessions:
“WordPress for Beginners” – introduction
“Working with WordPress” – a step up session for those already familiar with WordPress
“WordPress Masterclass” – advanced course exploring all aspects of WordPress

“Meet Mailchimp”
“It’s a Digital World” – workshop for your staff/volunteers to be more aware of modern, digital tools and technologies
“Digital by Default” – workshop to help you understand making good use of digital technologies for the benefit of your group or project
“Technology for Trustees” – workshop aimed at helping boards and leaders make the most of technology
“Email Administration”
“Tools of Tomorrow Today”
“Effective online funding applications” – workshop helping you master the technologies needed to get that funding bid in!
bespoke IT training – to meet your training needs

IT support services…

IT support services – bespoke digital and IT support services to help you as needed
Remote support service – supporting your IT cost effectively at a distance
Database design and training services
Email configuration services

Volunteers and Technology…

“Digital Buddies” – our digital volunteering initiative
“Mapping Volunteers” – helping to improve public mapping of North East Lincolnshire through micro-volunteering

Other technology support…
“experiment.” – our occasional, printed, tabloid sized technology for charities newspaper

Where more information is available you’ll be able to click above.

If you have any other requirements around technology that you can’t find on this website, then just get in touch with us.

Keep an eye on this page as we update it as of “offer” changes and evolves.