Karl Elliott

Introducing Tech Tuesdays

This year I’ll be running monthly “Tech Tuesday” sessions to share information about a range of tech and non-profit subjects.

In essence:
one per month (approx) – on a Tuesday
most likely 12.30-2pm
generally at VANEL offices at the Willows, Grimsby, but we’ll look at venues as we progress.

£5 per session (pay on the door or we can invoice you)
or free if you are a paid up member of our “WebClub” (more about that elsewhere) – £25 per annum (so attend more than 5 Tech Tuesdays or WebClub sessions in 12 months and it pays for itself!)
very limited places so booking essential (via Karl)
If we don’t get enough interest for a session then we reserve the right to change dates/cancel etc.

Each session will be short (no more than 1.5 hours), focused on a single topic, part teaching & briefing, part discussion and workshop. A quick fire approach to tackling a relevant technology topic.

So I hope they prove of interest.

Topics for “Tech Tuesdays” will evolve over time and in response to what members and organisations tell us they want.
At the outset are topics are (in no particular order):

01 e-newsletters and using Mailchimp
02 effective online funding applications using technology
03 iPad masterclass
04 maximising Mailchimp (taking session 01 a bit further)
05 welcome to WordPress (basic level)
06 working with WordPress (a step above the basics of 05)
07 using Asana for keeping on top of things
08 technology for Trustees
09 being productive with online tools
10 TT-exchange workshop for charities

I’ll add to this list as “Tech Tuesdays” progress.
Keep an eye on dates and planning via the #techtuesdays tag.

Got an idea for a subject that you’d like to cover? join in the discussion below to make suggestions.

Over overview page for Tech Tuesdays is here.

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