Karl Elliott


One of the first things I’m asked is “how does that site work?”. So this colophon is here to explain a bit about the site and I’ll be updating it as the site evolves.

Site is a self-hosted WordPress installation under our main VANEL hosting account.
Our hosting is with Krystal.
The site uses the O2 theme from Automattic. O2 is an evolution from their P2 theme which Automattic continues to rely to run their organisation. Read about O2 here.
(Installing O2 is not trivial and essentially it’s counted as a BETA so you need to be careful with it. But I like it and it works great for interactive sites).
You need an P2-breathe theme and an O2 plugin (plus a couple of others) to get it working.

Plugins on this site:
O2 (as mentioned above)
Relevanssi (for search)
Broken Links Checker

Colophon to be updated as the site progresses.