Computer Re-homing

Does your group, organisation or charity need a PC? Maybe VANEL can help.

That’s not to say VANEL is giving away new computers – but what we do do is refurbish older PC’s (desktops usually) so that groups that can’t finance their own equipment have a chance to put a computer to use to help them provide better services.

We take in donated computers on occasion and then make sure they are fit to use and re-home them with groups that need them.

PC’s are usually old and slow – but still more than good enough for word processing, emails, spreadsheets, office tasks and so on.

There are of course many organisations nationally who can provide cheap, refurbished PC’s (search Google), but we offer PC’s under our Common Treasury concept – so that computers are reused for the good of our local community.  Hence when a public project ends (Wingate Parade Community Shop in 2012 for example), we’ll redistribute the PC’s for the good of the Community.

If your group could use a PC then please contact Karl Elliott at VANEL ( explaining why.  We can’t promise anything but we might be able to put you on a waiting list for when one becomes available.