North East Lincolnshire Community Safety Partnership (CSP) Crime Reduction Fund 2019/20

The North East Lincolnshire Community Safety Partnership (CSP) Crime Reduction Fund is now open again for 2019/20 applications. Round 3 closed on 6th December 2019.

A new round has now been added to the Crime Reduction Fund.
The closing date for round 4 is 27th February 2020

This scheme has been funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside (PCC) and is being managed by Voluntary Action North East Lincolnshire (VANEL) on behalf of the North East Lincolnshire CSP.

Round 1 is now closed
Round 2 is now closed
Round 3 is now closed

Round 4 will close 27th Feb 2020

You can always contact Richard Wendel-Jones at VANEL to discuss the application process via / 01472 361043.

The original PRESS RELEASE detailing the launch way back on 3rd July 2017 can be found here.

About the fund

This grant scheme accepts applications from voluntary, community and not for profit organisations in North East Lincolnshire that can clearly demonstrate how their project contributes to the delivery of the PCCH Police and Crime Plan and the North East Lincolnshire (NEL) Community Safety Partnership (CSP) Plan.

The specific funding priorities for these grants are to contribute to at least ONE of the PCCH aims:
– To deliver increasingly self-sustaining and safe communities in the Humber area;
– To build public confidence in the agencies involved in creating safer communities and
– To promote services to victims and the vulnerable that meet their needs

AND to contribute to at least ONE of the North East Lincolnshire Community Safety Partnership Indicators:
•             Overall Crime
•             Violent Crime
•             Domestic Abuse (crimes & incidents)
•             Anti-Social Behaviour (incidents)
•             East and West Marsh wards (overall crime and anti-social behaviour)
•             Offending (including re-offending)
•             Substance & Alcohol Misuse (including related harms and recovery rates)

The Partnership will also work collaboratively to develop Community Cohesion and tackle Hate Crime to ensure that all people in North East Lincolnshire “Benefit from sustainable communities”

Eligibility Criteria

You need to be able to show us that you are a not for profit (charitable) organisation by sharing your constitution and your latest set of audited or independently examined annual accounts with us.

Your application needs to demonstrate that you are committed to supporting the delivery of the outcomes in the PCCH Police and Crime Plan and the NEL Community Safety Partnership Plan.

Application Process

Application form deadlines for 2019/20 are:

Fri 21st June 2019, Fri 13th September 2019; Fri 6th December 2019; 27th February 2020

Panel dates are:

Thurs 4th July 2019; Thurs 26th September 2019; Thurs 12th December 2019; 6th March 2020

The results will be announced on:

Thurs 11th July 2019 ; Thurs 3rd October 2019; Thurs 19th December 2019

Successful applicants will receive an offer letter with information about the grant terms and conditions; monitoring visit and final reporting format. Unsuccessful applicants will also be notified.

Grant Conditions including Monitoring and Reporting

As soon as a signed copy of the offer letter has been returned by the applicant the total grant amount will be awarded to the applicant organisation and sent to the named contact person.

A mutually convenient monitoring visit date will be set in writing with the named contact person.

Once the project has been completed and the final report will need to be submitted within 14 days.

Grant Limits

Applicants may apply for up to £10, deliver a project of up 1 year in length

Whether small or large your project will need to demonstrate or consider how sustainability for the project will be achieved.

Minor capital items can be included, however large items such as buildings will not be funded.

Download the application form here.

An application guide for applicants can be downloaded here

For further details or to apply contact:
Richard Wendel-Jones at VANEL via
or look at
or 01472 361043 and ask to speak to Richard Wendel-Jones or Paula Grant

Additional information

The North East Lincolnshire (NEL) Community Safety Partnership (CSP) is one of four crime reduction partnerships covering the whole of the Humberside Policing area. The NEL CSP comprises representatives from statutory authorities with direct responsibility for reducing crime and disorder across our local communities, namely Humberside Police; North East Lincolnshire Council; Humberside Fire and Rescue Service; National Probation Service; Interserve (local probation service); Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside; North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group and other supporting partners including Shoreline Housing; Voluntary Action North East Lincolnshire

The NEL CSP is responsible for undertaking an annual survey of member organisations and local residents and producing a Joint Strategic Intelligence Assessment based on both information from the public in receipt of community safety services and statistical results gathered by community safety partners. This information together with ongoing partnership research and wider community safety partner consultation then informs the development of the partnership plan. The overarching outcome of the plan is to ensure people feel safe and are safe. Specific indicators were agreed to show progress towards achieving this outcome and voluntary and community groups are actively encouraged to contribute to this plan.

Each indicator has a specific task and finish group which includes community safety operational staff, service providers and representatives from voluntary and community groups who help to identify and resolve community safety problems, for example via local Neighbourhood Watch Groups, the Victims Support Service; and community forums. These groups focus on tackling challenges and tactical approaches to crime prevention using early intervention measures and designing out crime to ensure community safety is continuously improving.