A rundown of some upcoming dates for the next few months.

20th Marchevent promoting the Great Grimsby Project
21st MarchVolunteer Retention Training course
22nd Marchfinal closing date for special round of CRF funding
26th MarchGDPR Basics training session
5th AprilMoney for Life training session
9th AprilBeach Hut No 9 reopens for the Spring Season
17th AprilGDPR Basics training session
18th AprilVolunteer Support and Supervision training course
1st MayGDPR Basics training session (date changed)
31st Mayclosing date for HYA funding round 5
3rd June – VANEL’s World Oceans’ Day event
1st-7th June – Volunteers’ Week 2018
5th June – VANEL V:Expo 2018 Youth event at Central Hall