Point Of View. By Young Reporter Grace

I have consistently pondered on one specific topic. This is ‘point of view’.

This could mean a number of things, but the context that I specifically thought about was the point of view of others of myself. What they look at, or think when they first encounter me.  What they view as my best and worst feature, what kind of person I look like when they pass me in the street?

I have always, but recently consistently thought about this.  Although we have mirrors, they never give the clear picture, the clear reflection of how we are viewed by others because our minds tell us that…  it creates that chatter that it thinks and believes others will do/ are doing when they see you.

Truthfully, we will never find out the opinions of strangers, how we look, how we come across to them. Even friends/family don’t always tell us the honest truth about how they view us. Maybe I look nice to them today as they told me, or maybe they truly believe I don’t? There’s no way of knowing their “own chatter” for its truth.

This brings me nicely onto the meaning of ourselves to others. This is one I constantly think about. To ourselves, we may be useless, ugly, rude, ignorant, monstrous to look at, but to our friends and family we may be everything and more that our minds would never convince us we are. This huge factor can become the source of all agitation. For me, it sometimes is. When we are told we are ‘amazing’, we look ‘beautiful’, we make the world a ‘brighter place’, we can’t for one second believe that. We feel good after its said, but most of the time it’s never truly believed.

How can we not see ourselves the way they do? Why can’t I look at myself in their point of view?. Well, trusting people. Trusting their opinions and their love, and never letting that inner questioning take over and make you believe they are lying. When this happens it’s because you haven’t loved yourself yet. That’s a symptom of lack of self-love, which I hope you can diagnose and fix before you are incapable of loving yourself or others anymore.

You are all very capable of viewing yourself from another point of view; you just need that extra ounce of self-love and a change of mind-set before you do. The next time you are complimented say “Thank you. I was thinking the same about myself today”.  Once you’ve started to accept that you are actually seen as something other than what your tremendously evil mind is telling you, then your point of view will begin to switch.  Maybe look deep into your mind, and think ‘why is it you’re telling me I’m not worthy and I don’t look socially acceptable today?’, and question whether this is because the idea of being confident has capitalised into the much bigger and more evil adjective which is “egotistical”.

Confidence isn’t big headed, it’s not egotistical or rude, its seeing your body, your personality, your spirit, you as a being, and not just a ghost in an ever-growing society of models and perfect people with perfect lives. Be confident. Be whatever you want to be.    Take. The. Compliments.

Yes, our society has those people you view as perfect, the models, the optimists of themselves. That ‘perfect’ person you walk by,  is really a man who is hiding his suicidal thoughts because his point of view of himself is too strong, and sharing would be going against being a man (obviously…not). He’s looking at you while you pass him by, with your hair ‘messy’, your joggers on and thinking wow. She/he/they have their life together. She/he/they look amazing.  But, no. You don’t look amazing do you? Because compared to his good looks you are nothing. NO.

So, the lesson to learn of challenging the mind, challenging society, and being so confident and take the compliment, And as Ariana Grande stated in her song “I’d love to see me from your point of view”,.

I am now stating for you reading,  “I love seeing me from your point of view”.

Article by Young Reporter Grace Trippett
First appeared in Grimsby Telegraph 1st December 2020