“Broad Beans, Buddleia and Bourbon Biscuits” The Quill writers group write and star in their first radio production

What is the connection between an allotment and a radio broadcast?

Well the answer lies with the BBO MOVE and Steps Forward Projects at VANEL, where our existing Quill writing group have been immersed in the production of a script for radio to be broadcast this week centred around an allotment and those connected with it.

Those involved are all participants on the MOVE or Steps Forward projects which helps people get back into employment or be more work ready. When a number of the participants discovered they had an interest in writing, they came together to form their writing group – Quill. They’ve been writing stories, poetry and more ever since. Moving onto writing and acting in their own radio drama though was never quite expected!

MOVE has funded this new activity which involved the use of recording equipment and editing, and direction. Almost all of this of course happened over Zoom. We have been guided in this creative enterprise by Kei Bailey who has a passion and much experience in ventures of this kind and he has led us through the production and polishing of a script and arranged the rehearsal and recording of the finished work.

All of our participants have contributed, through ideas, character and monologue creation, and even acting out parts for radio. It is a magnificent achievement for all concerned and shows what you can do with determination and imagination in the right setting and with great support.

After a huge amount of effort (and a lot of fun), “Broad Beans, Buddleia and Bourbon Biscuits” will finally be broadcast this coming Friday 21st August at 7pm on Heckington Living Radio here.

Because this is internet radio anyone can listen in! Don’t miss it.

And listen out for VANEL’s very own Peter and Liz in their debut radio roles.