Member news update – meet our recent new Members

Community Links, the award-winning non-profit provider of mental health and wellbeing services, is now a member of VANEL.

Community Links was established in 1981 and works across Yorkshire and the Humber, offering support for people with a wide range of mental health issues including anxiety and depression, psychosis, alcohol and substance misuse, complex needs and personality disorder.

Community Links is an accredited Investor in Volunteers, and offers many opportunities to volunteer within Liaison and Diversion in North East Lincolnshire. This is an opportunity for anyone over the age of 18 who is interested in developing skills associated with support work, or looking for a stepping stone into this area of employment. It is also an opportunity for those who have spare time that they want to use meaningfully, to help Liaison and Diversion support people to avoid offending and start living more personally fulfilling lives. Volunteers will receive full training, access to supervision and support and opportunities to undertake further relevant training.

If you are interested in volunteering please, contact Frances Bedlow, Peer Support and Volunteer Coordinator on 07770 298310.

Also now onboard is St Peters Church in Cleethorpes who have just joined up. As well as the Church, there is also a well equipped Church hall for the community which is available to rent. The mission of the church is “St Peter’s: a Beacon to the local community of Cleethorpes, reflecting the light of Christ as a place of welcome, prayer and healing and in those dark streets shineth the everlasting light”.

Visit their website here to find out all about the Church and Church Hall.

Grimsby in Bloom are also a recently joined VANEL Member. Their aims are:
To promote initiatives within the community which improve the environmental presentation of Grimsby for the benefit of residents, visitors and local business.
To support and encourage residents and businesses to value and improve their local environments.
To identify areas for developing into attractive green and floral public spaces.
To liaise and work with all interested people, agencies and parties to improve the natural environment of Grimsby.
To encourage sustainable developments wherever possible.
To develop public awareness of Grimsby In Bloom.
Visit the Grimsby in Bloom Facebook page here for much more information or to contact them.

Welcome on board to all our new Members and Friends.