Help for Health and VANEL TV showcase some inspirational young people

VANEL has commissioned a series of videos focusing on local young people as part of a Help for Health project. You can watch these videos on the new VANEL TV YouTube channel.

The purpose of our mini-series is to focus in the success stories of emerging young leaders in our local community, who we have supported to realise their social action projects whilst they have been overcoming health issues.

Their experiences helped them increase self-confidence further still by having the opportunity to promote their learning and project journey in a short feature film. The young people worked out how best to present their stories via TV media whist working with Hammond House Publishing and have allowed them to generate more interest in volunteering and community action.

We have showcased six young people including discussions with the mentors and family members who have supported the young people to overcome barriers and achieve their personal goals.

The project involved coaching the young people to participate in the TV feature, which was quite daunting at first for some; providing tailor-made recording sessions according to individual health conditions as to how best present their ideas on the feature and coaching them as to how to make the most of the opportunity to help the future development of their social action project.

The six videos we’ve had produced through the programme can now all be viewed on the VANEL TV channel here.

We strongly believe that by promoting these good news and success stories for other young people with health challenges to see they too will be inspired to engage in social action projects and the TV programmes will help them move on with their lives. The Billboard programme from Hammond House Publishing produced the features on YouTube and they will be broadcast on other community TV stations so will reach a wider target audience. This would enable us to showcase what we think is ground breaking work in our area so we can help secure future funding and support more young people, their families and carers move on with their lives.

Meet these inspirational young people and see their stories by watching the videos on VANEL TV here.