Do you host volunteers? Do you want to show your volunteers that you’re well placed to look after them? SVA is your answer

The Supporting Volunteers Award (SVA) from VANEL is a quality accreditation that lets your volunteers know that you have their best interests in mind and are committed to their volunteering journey.  As an independently verified self-assessment process, SVA also gives you the chance to find out what you’re doing well and to tighten up on your volunteer hosting practices where things can be improved.

The voluntary organisations that have been through our SVA accreditation all say that the benefits have been huge.  Doing SVA helps you find gaps in your processes, review your approach, put better practices in place and generally ensure that your volunteers get the best support from you that you can give.

SVA comes in in two flavours: SVA level 1 is a self-assessment process which VANEL verifies and it demonstrates your commitment to a quality volunteering journey.  SVA level 2 assesses in more depth looking at additional areas of quality practice and involving your volunteers themselves in confirming your volunteer hosting approach works.

And the purpose of SVA is to help you improve your approach where necessary. So VANEL will help provide you with support and resources so that you can develop your processes in order to achieve SVA.  No one ‘fails’ SVA – it might just be that your policies, processes and practices need work before you can meet the SVA standard.  Working towards and achieving SVA is an important process in itself.

SVA level 1 costs a maximum of £150 for voluntary sector organisations. If you’re a VANEL member or a Volunteer Development Service (VDS) member then the SVA price is discounted so you’ll never pay more than £150.  At the end of your assessment you’ll be able to show the SVA logo and display your award proudly.  Volunteers referred to an SVA accredited organisation will immediately know that your systems and processes are in place to support them.

Everything about the Supporting Volunteers Award is explained on our website And if you’d like to understand more you can talk through SVA with Liz Dugard or Karl Elliott at VANEL ( or or 01472 231123).  An expression of interest form is also available from the website.

If you host volunteers then you really need to consider SVA.  Get in touch with VANEL for a conversation today and get started towards SVA.