Your opinions and feedback sought on NELC Strategic Framework for Wellbeing

Notification from North East Lincolnshire Council:

Dear Colleague

Please find attached the Strategic Framework for Wellbeing. We are now embarking on an engagement process across the Place system to allow time for consideration of and comment on the Framework, and to stimulate thinking about the focus of the Place system and where different issues are best progressed. Also attached is the most recent State of the Borough report which looks at where we are from a life course perspective as well as by each of the outcomes in the Outcomes Framework.

Underpinning the overall approach we are promoting in Place, are a set of values and principles which shape behaviours and culture. As part of the engagement we are keen to understand the level of commitment to these values and how organisations within the systems may go about embedding them into practice.

We have included a set of questions which are within the document and reflected in a response template to aid collation.  We will also be producing a shorter version of this for the public which we will put on the website and provide the Place system with the link.

We are seeking input from the different system groups and partnerships, whilst also welcoming responses from individual organisations within North East Lincolnshire. The responses will help shape the focus of the Place System, give a better understanding of the different parts and how they do / could fit together, clarify the key partnerships which will need to drive system change and outcome delivery and support a more streamlined partnership system

The closing date is Friday April 19th. Please return your response to .  If you have any queries or if you would like some support or input into shaping your response please contact the same mailbox and someone will endeavour to respond as quickly as possible.

Useful downloads

A Wellbeing strategic framework for NEL _engage

State of the Borough 2018_19

Wellbeing Framework Engagement Template V2