How legally compliant are you? Have you checked recently? Here’s how to work it out.

A vital component of organisational effectiveness is ensuring compliance with legislation. This involves not only being sure of all of the legislation that applies to your organisation and complying with it, but also being able to demonstrate compliance by keeping records of checks, having policies and procedures around the legislation, and evidencing that people are taking responsibility for compliance.

NCVO has produced some useful guidance on this which is available via their KnowHowNonProfit website. (I referred to this previously in my Governance Weekly column here – make sure your Trustees check out Governance Weekly regularly.)

The general information page on the NCVO site here gives you an overview of the resources.

You can download the Word format compliance checklist from here. Remember that this is a template and will need to be tailored to your organisation.

This is pretty important stuff – so take the chance to review this now.