The IGNITE team keep busy during half-term with a variety of training courses

During the week we held a “Communications Workshop”, an “Event Planning Workshop”, a full day “Money Matters” training session and a “Digital Science Workshop”.  All were a great way of sharing ideas with younger people.  If you think any of the training sounds of interest, then do follow up with the IGNITE team and see when the sessions might be run again!

Beginners Communication Workshop

Victoria delivered the Communication Workshop on Monday morning which was attended by four young volunteers. We got the chance to look at the basic skills within communication, both verbal and non-verbal. Various discussions took place, around the use of body language, facial expression and tone of voice. We also got the chance to look at communication in the form of email and letter writing, looking at introductions and how to sign off, depending on the recipient. For younger people getting a first grip on good communications this was a great start.  IGNITE will continue to run communication focused training – both basic and advanced – throughout the coming year.

Digital Science Workshop

A digital science workshop (a UK Youth run course) took place on Monday afternoon, again delievered by Victoria. The workshop aims to break down barriers and change young people’s attitudes towards Computer Science. It allowed our attending volunteers to be creative, develop their thinking and become better equipped to take advantage of new opportunities arising in a digital world.

Various activities investigated the digital work including creating a stereotypical computer coder, examining where in normal life coding is used, and then, as a useful learning exercise there was a human maze activity, where directions had to be given, step by step in as much detail as possible, to simulate computer coding.

Participants had a lot of fun and we’ll be running this session a few more times over the next month or so.

Event Planning workshop

Next, on Wednesday afternoon, we ran an Event Planning Workshop with young people who had event ideas they were looking at putting on to raise funds for specific charities.

The session raised many interesting factors for the young people attending, one of whom had previously run a small event and began to realise many factors he had not previously considered that ought to have been in place to safeguard himself, the event and those participating.  The number of attendees was small, but this did allow for more intense discussions on the actual project ideas of those there and made it more valuable to them, avoiding a generic event planning session.  The IGNITE team will now have two new projects to support young people on as a result of this session with new challenges for the team to research with one in particular around a long distance kayaking event.  It is always so great to keep hearing of new ideas that young people want to get involved in to raise funds for charities that we as a team may not have heard of before.

Finally, Money Matters…

Danielle than also ran a full day training for the Money Matters project and has out of this gained two new mentors who will be supporting her long term on delivering some future courses. These young people will also be worked with to see if there are any specific projects they would like to develop and lead on for which they may be able to bid for funds from UK Youth who lead on the Money Matters training.

Overall the week was great fun and each of the young people attending the events gave some great feedback and hopefully learned something as a result.  IGNITE will continue to put training courses and workshops of this format on over the coming year, so if anything sounds of interest, just get in touch (