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Big Local is an exciting community-led opportunity which provides residents in 150 areas across England with at least £1million to spend over the course of 10 years, to use in a way that makes a positive and lasting difference to their community. Funded by the Big Lottery and managed by Local Trust, Big Local targets areas across the UK which have been overlooked in terms of funding or resources in the past. In 2013, North Cleethorpes was selected as one of Big Local’s target areas. Since then, and with the support of local people, businesses and organisations, Big Local funding has, and continues to be, invested in a number of different areas.  You can read about where Big Local Funding has been invested by visiting

Did you know that the Big Local team meet every Wednesday morning from 9:30 -12:30 at Poplar Road Fire Station to discuss how Big Local funding could be spent for the benefit of people living in North Cleethorpes. Members of the public, charities and organisations living or based in North Cleethorpes are welcome to attend and encouraged to share their views.

If you fit the above criteria and have an idea about how you would like to see Big Local funding spent for the benefit of the North Cleethorpes community, join the team at one of the meetings. Alternatively, you can email

Every Monday evening from 4 pm -8 pm Big Local’s Youth Development Worker Jasmin Flint attends YMCA Humber’s Big Lottery funded Youth Club at The Pavilion on Sussex Recreation. Children and young people aged 8 – 19 are welcome to attend, and those who live in North Cleethorpes are encouraged to share their views with Jasmin about how they would like to see Big Local funding spent. Please pass this information along to the parents of any children or young people who you think might like to attend the youth club, either for a bit of fun or to share their ideas.

You can contact Jasmin directly by emailing or by sending her a tweet @JasminFlint

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