Sleep Easy 2013

More than 60 people took their sleeping bags and cardboard shelters to Grimsby’s Shoreline House car park on Friday 1st February for the third annual Sleep Easy event.

VANELs Jenny Hodson took part in the event, here is what she had to say:

“They had approximately 200 people sleeping rough throughout Humberside and have so far got well over £18,000 in and expect to hit £30,000 once grant aid claimed and other monies are collected in.

I myself covered the event at Wyke college with a large group of University students and many other intrepid volunteers sleeping rough for the night on a cold windy night that also gave us a good mix of rain, sleet and eventually snow.  One hardy soul slept just on bubble wrap with two blankets over him and under the shelter of the school veranda, he was fine until the sky cleared at 3 in the morning when he said it got a bit chilly, but he carried on. I slept in my sleeping bag in cardboard box which was well wrapped up plastic sheeting to keep it dry and snuggled into what can only be described as a coffin sized enclosure to be entered only like a slug pushing its way into a narrow hole feet first, then closing the flaps once in. Many had larger homes for the night fearing claustrophobia and wishing to be able to move and sit up, my theory the smaller the space the less air to warm up, it seemed to work as I slept soundly from entry at 11.45 until we were woken at 5.45 in the morning with a cold but welcome bacon buttie to start clearing the site.”

More information on the YMCA website here