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VANEL continued to work from two offices during the year. Our main reception and registered address is still Town Hall Street, with the Elms continuing to be the base for the bulk of our staff.

During the year our own staff team grew considerably with the introduction and rapid expansion of the Enfuse young development workers team.

The LINK/HealthWatch team departed in March 2013, with the Enfuse team moving into their office.  we then rearranged rooms still further later in the year to swap meeting rooms and offices around so that we could continue to find an optimum arrangement of the space.

Probation had use of some of our office space for part of the year and mid year HomeStart moved into two rooms at the Elms as part of our ongoing co-location work.

Offices became meeting rooms, meeting rooms became offices, the staff room became and office & then the staff room again and generally we kept the building well used with our larger staff team by the end of the year.

Co-location with our partners and colleagues upstairs continued to work well and have many benefits, but the year proved slightly frustrating in our efforts for VANEL to gain more control or ownership of the Elms from the Council.  Efforts which to date have proved fruitless.
However, we continue to make effective use of a very interesting building.

Maintenance of the building is considerable and ongoing, and an older building such as the Elms continues to present difficulties and challenges at all times of the year.

The meeting and training facilities we have at the Elms continue to be very valuable to both ourselves and our co-located partners, and rooms are always well used.

At the end of the 2013-14 we continued to operate out of the two buildings successfully and no doubt the opportunities and challenges will continue in equal measures going forward!