Organised Dialogues


The organised dialogues are a wholly unique approach to creating coherence for the deeper, broader transformations in relationships and a powerful means of working that is invigorating and empowering.

For four years we looked at Justice. The transformative organised dialogues have moved on to examine identity – Family and Community. This links back into the troubled family agenda – Family group examined this topic from all angles and through all lenses for four years.


The influence of the dialogues has been far reaching. Its resonance started in Safer and Stronger working group has had a genuine influence on how business is done in meetings, groups and boards across the borough who engage respectfully in patient dialogue rather than enter a complex free for all.

To date three sessions of the new branding have been realised to great acclaim by those who have attended.


Sustainability of the dialogues requires a real leader to want to take them forward. A young lecturer has appeared in GIFHE who is capable of doing this – but early days.

Next steps

Due to popular demand…continue. Allow the theme and practice to develop more widely!

I will be incorporating some community dialogue technique into the conflict resolution skills training for families and communities.