Since March of 2012 the TRANSFORM leadership training and development programme has aimed to identify and work with people from different backgrounds with the talent and motivation to be potential future leaders in North East Lincolnshire.

TRANSFORM focuses on gaining unique insights into the way North East Lincolnshire operates through holding thematic programme days throughout the year for participants.

Transform was originally funded as part of the Transforming Local Infrastructure (TLI) project managed at VANEL.  The programme was a great success and continues into 2014 and hopefully will remain self-sustaining into the future.

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The TLI project, and hence the formal support part of Transform, concluded in September 2013.  Below is an extract from the reporting in later 2013 giving an update of Transform during that period.  Since this report, the Transform steering group has met and evolved the programme bringing new participants, holding additional programme days and generally supporting this valuable training initiative so that it can continue.

We have developed and delivered common leadership development programme called Transform in partnership with North East Lincolnshire strategic partners. It was launched by Lord Haskins as Chair of the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership in March 2012. We have now delivered 7 programme days on: Doing Business; Learning; Image & Media; Community; Police & Crime; Healthier Communities; and Arts and Culture with 3 more planned namely: Housing; Jobs & the Economy and the Environment. We have 30 participants on the current programme with 10 from frontline organisations; 10 from statutory organisations and 10 from businesses these numbers also include people from the local community and young people.

The Transform programme is developing a network of future leaders in the North East Lincolnshire area through a programme of joint activity and learning. Participants from different sectors come together every 2 months to participate in a series of themed days to hear from current leaders, undertake visits, hear about the shared priorities for the area and debate topical issues.The group takes on a challenge to support progress on one of our local shared priorities identified on the theme days. This included coming up with an action plan or to examining a new initiative or offering a new and innovative way of looking at an existing problem. The actual costs of the programme are ‘absorbed’ by the partner organisations and the participants themselves in terms of venues, transport and food. This is crucial to the long term sustainability of the programme. 

The outcomes expected are a better connected group of up and coming leaders across all the sectors, personal learning for the participants outside of their normal professional arenas, improved understanding of the pressures and drivers of different sectors and peer level individuals and a more coherent approach to tackling the shared priorities for action across North East Lincolnshire. Frontline organisations are fully involved in the development and delivery of this programme. Transform has been supported with feedback from each participant on each programme day via online surveys generated and supported by the VANEL team. VANEL staff also contributed to all programme  days to ensure all emerging community leaders are aware of the potential community development and engagement that our community directories offer as well as other products and services that this project has developed. The local authority provides administration support and hosts all the programme information and feedback on their website.

Specific benefits of Transform include help with the development of a joined-up thinking process when it comes to future strategy as it feeds into the local area forum. The apprentice development workers are now being invited to the Transform working days to give the main gorup a real insight into the aspirations of locla young people particularly around the development of new opportunities which will provide positive activities for them. The learning from the Transform programme has also influenced the progress of the Realeasing Community Capacity Board as the clarity for its members around community initiatives contributing to the outcomes they are seeking has deepened their understanding of the potential for community involvement.The VANEL Chief Officer is the co-founder of the programme and a proactive member of the Steering Group.

The programme will continue to operate next year as participants have agreed to sustain it. All Transform partners are also involved with community networking to ensure the integration of services and maintian the strong connections as per the outcome.