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NHW social distance meetings – any chance ??

At the moment, we are experiencing reasonable days of good weather. With that in mind, and the ability to be able to socially isolate at a 2 metre distance, I have been asked if outdoor meetings could be held with present rules in place. From my own interpretation, in normal life from Wednesday, you can […]

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New home schooling resource – Police notice

Launch of New Home Schooling Resource To Prevent Child Grooming During Covid-19 New home schooling resource to protect young people from grooming on-line Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Humberside, Keith Hunter, has today launched a new home schooling resource to support parents and guardians in protecting their children from grooming. Please click HERE for […]

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The 50 page document

So… many people heard the PM speak, and today, the 50 page document has been issued to tell small and medium businesses how to return to work in a phased manner from Wednesday of this week. How will the new news affect you and your family? Did you understand the speech and have you looked […]

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2 new guidelines to protect children during the crisis

Please find 2 latest publications as protection for children  Please ensure that any children watching the videos are age sensitive as recommended.

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This week’s PCC blog message

Please find the link below for this week’s blog from Keith Hunter – PCC for Humberside.

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Boris’s pep talk tonight!

He’s like Marmite – love him, hate him, but he currently has the serious job of saving this country from going the way of China, and others like Spain, who have lifted restrictions early and are now suffering backlash 2 with more cases springing up. Whatever his speech reveals tonight, be aware that this area […]

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A REQUEST FROM OUR NETWORK FRIENDS ON THE NORTH BANK – ANYONE INTERESTED , PLEASE CONTACT THE LINK BELOW DIRECTLY. Just wondered if you had a minute if you could please share our ‘Urban Wildlife Chat’ Zoom seminar details to any contacts that you think might benefit?

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It is a wonderful occasion to be celebrating the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe tomorrow as the changed day Bank Holiday, but please, still be highly aware that social awareness and distancing is vital, so that we can beat the Covid virus spreading. Display your flags and bunting, so that neighbours can see what […]

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Any self employed people reading the blogs?

Good morning, if you are reading this as a self employed person, then you may wish to know if you are eligible for government grant income support. This is not an expertise mail, merely to pass on a personal experience from my own company letter received yesterday, and actioned this morning. There are many very […]

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Local campaigns and support to tackle domestic abuse during lockdown

During the Covid-19 lockdown, the risks of domestic abuse are heightened and with many support services having to review their ways of working, it is important to reinforce the message that all of them are still operating, ready to hear from those affected and can help. Read on to find out important details about support for those suffering domestic abuse.

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Community Alert

Just a swift update from police figures sent to me recently. There were 177 newly registered people within the Humberside police force areas last month, wanting to take information from C.A. As a police region, with all those currently signed up, only 7.94% of the whole area population have taken advantage of the communication system. […]

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Beach access – Fitties, Thorpe Park and Tetney Marshes

It is vital that we still respect the lockdown and daily exercise conditions locally, as we have a very low incidence rate in N.E. Lincolnshire compared to the rest of the country. Having a big wet area to the east, the North Sea,  and being “end of the motorway line” must help, along with more […]

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PCC – latest blog on May 1st.

Good morning to all, Please find the link below to Keith Humter’s latest PCC blog. The blog can be found here:  

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Update on local drugs raid in the West Marsh ward.

Please find the report on a drugs den raid as supplied by Humberside police – for those not on Community Alert. Two Men Remanded In Custody Following Court Appearance In Grimsby Good News! Two men arrested on Sunday have been charged and taken to court after officers found a cannabis factory at a property on […]

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New domestic abuse campaign

The PCC Engagement Officer, Katrina Goodhand, has asked me to post this campaign information today. See below – PCC launches campaign to raise awareness of Domestic Abuse Services Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Humberside, Keith Hunter, has today launched a social media campaign to raise awareness of the support services available for those affected […]