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National Neighbourhood Watch – Easter Message

PUBLISHED THIS MORNING AS A NATIONAL ADVICE UPDATE ! Bank Holiday Message from Central Support Team NWN Dear supporter, member and friend As you know the long bank holiday weekend ahead will create more challenges for our communities as the


Police Specials – update report concerning this weekend and beyond ! Specials Supporting the Force and Communities Our Special Constabulary across the Humberside Force area, who are all volunteers with full or part time employment elsewhere, are now part of


PLEASE TAKE HEED OF THE MESSAGE ISSUED BY OUR POLICE FORCE – REPORT ANY FORM OF ILLEGAL GATHERINGS OR HOUSE PARTIES ! Fines Issued As A Small Minority Disregard Government Rules Over the past weeks our officers and staff have


SOME INFORMATION TO DISPEL SOME CURRENT RUMOURS! (Sorry – slight glitch on my part – please read pages 2 and 3.)


YOUNGSTERS, TEENAGERS, AND OLDER PEOPLE WHO THINK IT WON’T GET TO THEM ! I am going to say straight out that these classes of people who are ignoring the current lockdown rules are complete idiots, and I make absolutely no

Unsafe guide to 2 metres distancing

Not going to personally embarrass the security guard, (rang the shop instead), but saw a shop guard today pacing out 2 metres distancing spaces by extending his arms, and touching 2 people to make the distance ???? Who on earth

Self isolation – what to do in long daylight hours. A few ideas for you !

I have to admit that, although not having to self isolate myself, I am striving to stay at home as much as possible, if not assisting NHW shopping requests. Having 2 allotments is brilliant, as access is still currently allowed

Our watch – national advice on cold callers during the health crisis.

Apologies for another long information mail with lots of content from Our Watch – the National Neighbourhood Watch group – Neighbourhood Watch and COVID-19 Neighbourhood Watch supporters across England and Wales have been responding rapidly to the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis

Government advice update

The links below are now the official National Volunteers site method that we can keep you informed on updates in regards to the Covid 19 situation. Neighbourhood Watch has also issued below the specific NHW National Office advice with a

Sample of published website info for Cleethorpes residents

Please find some sample information within the post, from the page in the NHW Network website, for updated information on new police drop in session dates, and other relevant information on NHW. Log on and read more, be informed on