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Off road and unlicensed motor bikes

At our quarterly meeting this evening, I am sure that our police representatives will state that local pursuit of offenders is not possible with current restrictions in place. What we all need to do as law abiding citizens is to


MEETING TONIGHT  7 PM – AT ST AUGUSTINE’S CHURCH HALL  – FOR NHW CO-ORDINATORS. Our meeting this evening has two main purposes – firstly to offer training opportunities to all present as Co-ordinators, and to introduce a specific training programme

Telephone scam update

Adding to yesterday’s post, the same person is now being phoned from numerous other I/D blocked numbers, and has had to have the BT service make additional safety measures to stop the calls filtering through. Please be careful answering any

It’s not me, guv…. honest !!

NOT GUILTY, YOUR HONOUR !!! For those who know me, and my lack of ability to look good in photos, please take note that a recent article published in the Grimsby Telegraph, and copied on several Facebook pages yesterday, showed


A NEWLY REPORTED METHOD OF POTENTIALLY STOPPING uPVC WINDOWS FROM LOCKING!! There has been a new report on one of the DN NHW Facebook pages, reporting the use of a wooden pencil that is placed in the rain gully guards,

Arson attacks and build up of rubbish in alleyways

Local areas have been recently targetted by youths, and fires have been lit in several places, including industrial and leisure sites, not just alleyways and old unoccupied houses. Business owners obviously have a legal duty of care to protect their

Universal credit scam alert !!! Beware the phrases – “free” or “low cost” !!

                                                             ——— SCAM WARNING ——— Action Fraud has recently received 63 reports about a scam in which fraudsters target people with offers of “low cost” loans or “free” government grants. What the victims aren’t told is that the money they’ll receive

June news updates

IT’S TONIGHT !! – THE QUARTERLY MEETING OF NHW CO-ORDINATORS. Don’t forget – new venue – St Augustine’s Church Hall, Farebrother St Grimsby at 7pm. MORE NEWS – More Skip it events planned – but help is needed from community

Upsurge of burglaries in the Cleethorpes and Humberston areas.

Recent police reports show that there is a marked increase in burglaries in the above 2 areas , and I have been asked to update the officers concerned with current NHW groups in place. There is evidence, however, that areas

Council consults on new PSPOs about ways to tackle anti-social behaviour and dog fouling

North East Lincolnshire Council is consulting on the proposal of public space protection orders (PSPOs) in key public areas. A PSPO allows councils to put restrictions in specific areas such as town centres, parks and beaches. The restrictions will focus