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Have you been affected by cybercrime? – The National “Our Watch”office needs local information, please.

POSTED THROUGH TODAY FROM THE NATIONAL NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH OFFICE Last year, more than 4.5 million cybercrimes were committed in England and Wales according to estimates by the Office of National Statistics. This worrying and growing trend has been identified by

SCAMS – Here’s a little gem of good information for all – and it’s free to view or download !

This is a brilliant piece of safety related publishing, that has now gone public from the offices of Humberside Police to help everyone – please either print one, or have it to hand on file for neighbours or friends who


DO NOT BE FOOLED BY PHONE OR MAIL REQUESTS FOR BANK DETAILS AND THREE DIGIT CODE FOR HOLIDAY TRIP OR FLIGHT REFUNDS !! It has taken less than 24 hours for this latest scam to hit the media sites and

Recent Humberside Police conference last week.

I attended the Humberside Police conference last week from my 1st invite, with no idea of what would be presented on the day at the Grimsby Auditorium venue. I have to say that I felt very humbled and honoured to


VANEL, through their North Cleethorpes area funding, wish to announce future free training availability based at 82, Grimsby Road Cleethorpes. BLUE LIGHTS BRIGADE  – are also offering training to any local start groups on emergency planning of local disasters –

Off road and unlicensed motor bikes

At our quarterly meeting this evening, I am sure that our police representatives will state that local pursuit of offenders is not possible with current restrictions in place. What we all need to do as law abiding citizens is to


MEETING TONIGHT  7 PM – AT ST AUGUSTINE’S CHURCH HALL  – FOR NHW CO-ORDINATORS. Our meeting this evening has two main purposes – firstly to offer training opportunities to all present as Co-ordinators, and to introduce a specific training programme


ONE FROM THE DEPUTY CHAIR FROM A COLD CALL VISIT TODAY ! I am not going to name the firm, but please be very wary of cold calls about blocked or slow heating radiators on your central heating systems !

Telephone scam update

Adding to yesterday’s post, the same person is now being phoned from numerous other I/D blocked numbers, and has had to have the BT service make additional safety measures to stop the calls filtering through. Please be careful answering any

Another telephone scam reported !

One of our NHW Co-ordinators has been in touch telling me about the latest B.T. scam contact phone calls – the seriousness of this is that someone with high technical knowledge has deliberately cut through telephone cables in the supply