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It’s not me, guv…. honest !!

NOT GUILTY, YOUR HONOUR !!! For those who know me, and my lack of ability to look good in photos, please take note that a recent article published in the Grimsby Telegraph, and copied on several Facebook pages yesterday, showed


A NEWLY REPORTED METHOD OF POTENTIALLY STOPPING uPVC WINDOWS FROM LOCKING!! There has been a new report on one of the DN NHW Facebook pages, reporting the use of a wooden pencil that is placed in the rain gully guards,

Latest spate of thefts from cars !

A police report from today has noted a sharp increase recently in thefts from cars, both locked and unlocked, and in many areas across the North East Lincolnshire area. Please ensure that you leave nothing visible that could be sold

Arson attacks and build up of rubbish in alleyways

Local areas have been recently targetted by youths, and fires have been lit in several places, including industrial and leisure sites, not just alleyways and old unoccupied houses. Business owners obviously have a legal duty of care to protect their

New mobile contact number now live !

Glyn Atkinson – N.E. Lincs NHW Co-Ordinator – now has a dedicated mobile phone for taking calls in regards to NHW business or enquiries. Please note that the phone will be on between the hours of 9am to 5.30pm, and

National cyber crime campaign – please have a go at the survey !!

A CHANCE TO WIN VOUCHERS BY COMPLETING THE LATEST SURVEY FROM NATIONAL NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH ! Neighbourhood Watch has today launched a landmark new survey to understand the impact of cybercrime on communities across England and Wales. Traditionally Neighbourhood Watch has

Universal credit scam alert !!! Beware the phrases – “free” or “low cost” !!

                                                             ——— SCAM WARNING ——— Action Fraud has recently received 63 reports about a scam in which fraudsters target people with offers of “low cost” loans or “free” government grants. What the victims aren’t told is that the money they’ll receive