We are hoping to become good partners with the newly refurbished premises at 82, Grimsby Road, Cleethorpes,  and with service users of the Big Local, which assists people within the North Cleethorpes post code approved areas. It does not cover all of Cleethorpes, as the funding was location specific, but do call in, and enquire if you meet their area criteria for help.

Neighbourhood Watch would like to encourage local residents to call in, and see what the place can offer you. We want to hold NHW information meetings for residents who wish to start up a neighbourhood watch and need guidance & information, especially if funding needs are involved for your local prject.

This would be in addition to our normal quarterly Co-ordinators’ meetings as we try to get to know you more, and learn of your more local problems, hopefully having a place, contact details or advice on where to seek further help.

Many things in life such as official form filling in is now done on line, but there are still those who do not wish to embrace a digital age, until forced to do so.

Big Local could help to guide you towards understanding what you personally need to get through form filling and internet use.

They do NOT advise on any benefit schemes such as Universal Credit, but could help to make you more inmternet user friendly in a limited way that gets you by for everyday needs.

They can also point out local volunteering opportunities for all ages that could potentially lead to work if successful.



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