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Our Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator Glyn’s eNewsletter Article

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April’s eNewsletter

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Upsurge of burglaries in the Cleethorpes and Humberston areas.

Recent police reports show that there is a marked increase in burglaries in the above 2 areas , and I have been asked to update the officers concerned with current NHW groups in place. There is evidence, however, that areas

Are your home contents valuable items marked, photo’d and registered anywhere?

It’s terrible to come home to a burgled house, but even more so to think that family valuables cannot be traced back to your ownership, if found in the future. What makes it harder for a potential burglar to “fence”

Area Co-ordinator training sessions

We are hoping to begin a run of outreach training sessions for our local Co-ordinators and group members, possibly starting in late June. We have already run 2 cyber crime prevention talks based in the Vanel offices last month, that


Do you support a neighbour or close relative, or do the neighbours in the street where a relative lives help to support them for you? Did you know that many people do some form of caring act within their community